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Uber to teach sign language to help deaf drivers

Uber launched a new tool yesterday to teach users how to sign simple phrases in American Sign Language for better communication with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing. The website,, is an extension of an outreach effort launched by the company in 2015 to recruit more drivers from the deaf community. Now when you get matched with a deaf driver, you are offered the option of learning a few ASL signs in the app. The tool teaches [...]

Patrick Brown’s speech impediment gave him strength

At school, he was known as the kid with the stutter, and teased. Petrified to speak in front of the class. Today, there’s scant trace of a speech impediment — and where Patrick Brown once found it tough to talk, as leader of Ontario’s opposition party he now spends his days talking tough. Overcoming the stutter, and his fear of public speaking, took years of speech therapy in elementary school. In high school, he was still nervous about being called on [...]

Toronto parents upset with speech-therapy program

Laura Boudreau’s precocious first child began talking early. She expected her second to do the same, but instead she and her husband waited and waited for Miller to say his first word. Worried he might have a speech delay, Ms. Boudreau put her then-14-month-old son on the waiting list last summer for Toronto’s free preschool speech and language program. Soon after, his pediatrician confirmed that his communication skills were indeed lagging behind. But it took seven months to get a spot [...]