Frequently Asked Questions

Are speech therapy services provided by Magnolia Speech & Wellness covered by benefits?

Speech therapy visits are fee for service. Clients are required to pay at the time of the visit and may submit their receipts to their insurance company, as appropriate. Please check with your insurance provider, as many benefit plans cover speech therapy services.

Why should I go with private speech therapy?

The public waitlist to access speech therapy can be quite lengthy. Clients may start with private therapy while they wait for publicly funded spots to open up. The private clinician will work with other therapists that you are working with (including speech-language pathologists) to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Is there a waitlist?

Right now, there is not a waitlist for SLP services; however, this may change as demand for services increase. We will do our very best to ensure that our clients are seen as quickly as possible, and do receive the best possible treatment while in our care.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

A referral from your Dr. is not necessary for SLP services. We may sometimes ask permission to contact your Dr. (if there are medical reports that we feel may be beneficial to review); however, a referral is not warranted.

What happens during an assessment?

During the assessment, the speech-language pathologist will meet with you and your child to obtain a brief history (as needed). Consent will be obtained for assessment and treatment (as necessary). For toddler and preschool aged children, assessments are very much play based with parental involvement (to answer questions about play, language expression and comprehension, as needed). School aged children are assessed using formal and informal assessments, depending on the nature and degree of difficulties. Parental observations and input may also be obtained. Clients, caregivers are provided with results and recommendations, as appropriate. The therapist will need to review assessment results and analyze all information prior to providing detailed goals and recommendations.

What does the typical treatment schedule look like?

Speech and language treatment is typically provided weekly or bi-weekly in 45 minute visits. These 45 minutes include treatment, as well as discussion with caregivers regarding progress and recommendations afterwards.

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